Studio-Transmitter Links for DTV, Digital Multiplexers, and NLOS COFDM ENG Links for Remote and Fixed Television Broadcast  Applications
Spectrum-Scalable Digital Radios with user-selectable data rates from 64 kbps to 34 Mbps for Wireless Data Networking Applications
Turnkey wireless system solutions for Broadcast, Data, Telecom, and SCADA applications for Oil and Gas Production or Public Utilities

Radio Broadcast Products
Starlink SL9003Q Starlink SL9003T1

Digital Linear Uncompressed Studio Transmitter Link

  Digital Linear Uncompressed STL/TSL for T1/E1 Circuits and Microwave Links
Starlink Composite SL9000RFA SL9000RFA

Digital Composite Studio-Transmitter Link

  10 Watt Power Amplifier for Starlink SL9003Q
LAN Extender / Data Link   High-Capacity Bidirectional Studio Transmitter Link
Digital Audio Transporter  

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