DTV Link-A

Digital Microwave STL/TSL for Video

An Enhanced Feature Digital Video Microwave STL/TSL & Data Link

A Flexible, Powerful, and Future-Resilient Video Microwave System

DTV Link-A is an all-indoor, studio-to-transmitter link/transmitter-to-studio link (STL/TSL). It delivers single or multiple DVB-ASI streams, IP data streams, and DVB-T2-MI/ISDBT-International Streams data, to the transmitter site. The digital modulation utilizes Reed-Solomon and Trellis-Coded Error Correction to provide unparalleled, error-free performance.

  • DVB-ASI E1/T1 + GigE transport for maximum flexibility.
  • Supports DVB-T2-MI/ISDBT-International streams.
  • Multi ASI module available for up to 8 ASI streams or SMPTE-310.
  • Standard data rates to 155 Mbps for maximum payload capacity.
  • Spectrum-scalable 4-QAM, 16-QAM, 32-QAM, 64-QAM, and 128-QAM conforms to channel bandwidth and payload requirements.
  • Frequency range of 1.5 to 38 GHz; frequency-agile within each band.
  • All-indoor solution, software-defined IDU and RF unit.
  • Superior network-management capability that provides unmatched system analysis and monitoring.

Key Product Benefits

Easily Transitions to ATSC 3.0

ASI and IP transport allows your future transition to ATSC 3.0, with no additional hardware purchases.

Perfect Replacement for Your Existing Microwave

DTV Link-A is a drop-in replacement for most video microwave systems, allowing customers to replace existing equipment at a minimal cost.

Replace Your Ailing Microwave, Don't Repair

In many cases, replacing with a new DTV Link-A is more cost effective than repairing your existing system.

Maximum Supervision of Your Video Microwave

Built-in web browser interface, with extensive diagnostic pages and SNMP, provides flexible monitoring and control from any location.


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