Event 5800

High Capacity Unlicensed Digital Microwave Radio

This carrier class microwave link transports a programmable mix of native T1/E1 and IP traffic separately, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy TDM networks to an all-IP network.

License-free Point to Point Microwave Radio

The Event 5800 split indoor/outdoor microwave STL/TSL is an economical advanced software-defined digital microwave radio that offers scalable configurations and the highest value in the point-to-point microwave marketplace.

Key Product Benefits

Audio and IP Link to the Transmitter

Broadcasters create an economical high capacity IP Ethernet connection to your transmitter site. Add audio codec(s) to create a multi station STL/TSL.

Lower Installation Costs

Indoor/Outdoor topology reduces installation costs in new systems by eliminating the need for expensive waveguide and accessories.

Saves Rack Space in Your TOC

RF Electronics (ODU) direct mounts to the antenna saving indoor space and delivering maximum power into the antenna.

Comprehensive Network Management

Built-in web browser interface with extensive diagnostic pages and SNMP gives you flexible monitoring and control and enable the NX-GEN-T to be integrated with existing managed networks.

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