LANlink HS-900D

LAN Extender / Data Link

LANlink saves money and time and protects station assets by enabling the use of low cost IP based appliances and applications at remote transmitter sites.

Extend your LAN/WAN to the transmitter site

LANlink solves the growing need for data connectivity at the transmitter site. With LANlink, new and low cost IP-based applications and accessories can provide unique solutions in the broadcast facility.

  • IP / Ethernet connection speeds up to 1 Mbps extend the LAN to the transmitter site. Two RS-232 channels, adjustable from 1,200 bps - 115.2 kbps, accommodate RDS and control functions.
  • Operates in the 902-928 MHz ISM band. Built-in duplexer combines, LANlink into an existing 950 MHz antenna system eliminating additional antenna installation with the accompanying landlord issues, tower leases and wind loading.
  • Spread Spectrum technology and 1 Watt output is capable of paths over 30 miles. Generally, where a 950 MHz STL is in service LANlink will operate comfortably.
  • Multiple layers of protection, including password protection, 900 MHz physical layer, and 128-bit encryption to ensure network security and integrity.
  • Web-browser-based control interface is rich with diagnostics. It can be controlled from any computer located on the network. Advanced SNMP allows LANlink to be used with network management systems

Key Product Benefits

Control Your Whole Transmitter Site

Nearly all new equipment is Browser-enabled and may be controlled from any computer or smart device on the network or remotely from home. A simple webcam provides site surveillance protecting valuable

Transmitter Remote Control

Transmitter Remote Control Systems of most manufacturers may be connected via LANlink’s IP Ethernet or RS-232 communication.

Get the Internet and email at the Transmitter Site

Extending the LAN to the transmitter site allows personnel to communicate with manufacturers and look up manuals quickly without costly travel back and forth from site to studio.

Deploy Immediately

LANlink operates License-free. This means it can be deployed immediately without frequency coordination or license filing delays.

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