Licensed Microwave Multi-Gigabit Radio

Versatile microwave radio that scales to meet ever increasing capacity demands.

6 to 42 GHz Licensed, Point-to-Point, All-Outdoor, Microwave Radio

Maverix DT radio is a dual transceiver, all-outdoor, IP radio operating from 6 to 42 GHz, with modulations up to 4096-QAM, ultra-wideband operation up to 112 MHz (ETSI), and 160 MHz (ANSI). The Maverix can achieve up to 5.5 Gb/s without compression.

Each Maverix DT radio supports dual sub-carriers resulting in up to four sub-carriers per dual transceiver radio, allowing capacity to increase without the need for additional equipment.

  • XPIC and MIMO frequency reuse technologies allow for double and quadruple capacity increase, using a single licensed channel; a single radio supports XPIC and 2+0.
  • Easily and inexpensively field convertible to different sub-bands via user-friendly, customer-replaceable diplexers.
  • Sparing for Maverix is only a base radio unit. There is no need to spare each radio in a specific sub-band
  • Ideal, highly-integrated, all-outdoor radio that can handle the most demanding applications.
  • Proprietary ASIC's with unprecedented performance in the microwave industry.
  • Optimizes networks for capacity, while reducing capital and operating costs dramatically.
  • Available in a Dual Transceiver (DT) or Single Transceiver (ST) configuration.

Key Product Benefits

Up to 5.5 Gb/s of Throughput in a Single Radio

Broadcasters create a microwave link that fulfills audio, data, and voice link requirements for multiple-station clusters.

Lower Installation Costs

All-outdoor topology saves money on waveguide and valuable rack space in your total operating cost (TOC).

Protect Valuable Station Assets

A remote, mirrored server at the transmitter site protects your business records and program content. Maverix handles the data requirements for these, and other IP-based utilities and equipment, with capacity to spare.

Supervise Maverix with Ease

Browser User Interface (BUI) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allow convenient remote monitoring and integration into existing networks.


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