Digital Audio Transporter

Powerful Audio Transport for Studio-to-Transmitter Links

A Joybox of Audio Transport Solutions

Based on Moseley’s Advanced Intelligence Multiplexer (AIM) technology, Rincon is the broadcast industry’s first Software Defined Audio Transport Product optimized to deliver multichannel digital audio over IP, TDM or Wireless Networks simultaneously. The product’s ability to leverage these network choices and low purchase price gives an excellent return on investment.

Key Product Benefits

High Capacity - Low Cost - Multi-codec

4 stereo channels per unit provides high payload capacity, supports multi-station clusters, keeps per link costs low

Flexible Audio Connectivity

4×0, 3×1 or 2×2 bidirectional to provide backhaul audio for downlink or RPU or confidence monitor

Maximize Network Bandwidth Efficiency

Choice of Linear Uncompressed, MPEG2, MP3, AAC LC&LD, and G.722/G.711 maximizes audio performance over any network topology or bandwidth

Multiple Network Capability

Simultaneous E1/T1 and IP transport allows broadcasters to select the most cost effective network available or multiple networks for main / backup service

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