RF Power Amplifier

The SL9000RFA provides 10 Watts Output Power Starlink Digital STL.

The SL9000RFA produces 10 Watts Output Power (+40 dBm) for robust operation on difficult STL paths. It is specifically designed for use with Moseley Starlink STL systems operating in the 220, 300, 800 and 950 MHz STL bands plus 1.5 GHz.

  • Front panel convenient monitoring of Output Power Level
  • High efficiency amplifier for low power consumption, less heat
  • Fewer fans means less fan noise in the TOC
  • Operates within ratings of Moseley LANlink duplexer
  • Interoperates with TP-128 Automatic Transfer Panel
  • Output Isolator protects from antenna and cable faults
  • Convenient 2 RU rack mount

Key Product Benefits

Boosts the link budget by 10 dB

The RFA’s 10 dB implovement in link budget can help with extremely long paths and weak receive signal strength situations. Used in conjunction to precise filtering this resolves noise and interference

Highly Efficient - Environmentally Friendly

High efficiency amplifier results in low power consumption and heat production. Fewer fans mean less noise in your studio or Technical Operations Center.


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