Starlink SL9003Q

Digital Studio Transmitter Link

The Industry Standard Multichannel Digital STL for All Worldwide STL Bands

Modular Audio Studio-to-Transmitter Link Product

Starlink SL9003Q is a fully-integrated, modular, digital RF STL system. It provides audio, voice, and data connectivity to remote transmitter sites over narrow-bandwidth channel allocations. Starlink’s open architecture allows configurations for simplex, full-duplex, multi-hop repeater, or automatic hot/cold redundant links.

  • 2 to 8 audio-channel models, which are perfect for multi-station clusters.
  • Linear Uncompressed Audio or Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and MPEG compression (6 to 8 channel models) offers maximum payload capacity and channel usage.
  • Serial data channels carry RDS information.
  • IP data channel option provides one-way Ethernet connectivity for HD Radio™ (standard on 6 to 8 channel models)
  • 5 Watts Digital Power conquers challenging STL paths (400 MHz to 1.7 GHz models).
  • Available automatic changeover panel for 1+1 protected link redundancy.
  • User-configurable and modular design allows Starlink to adapt to future station requirements.
  • Starlink SL9003 features easy-to-read, front-panel VU meters, indicators, and soft-touch controls.

Key Product Benefits

Stand Out in Your Market

Digital STL delivers a bit-identical copy of the input to the output. Your station’s crystal clear highs and transparent bass notes will stand out on the air with no noise buildup or the distortion that is common to analog lines and analog composite STLs.

HD Radio™ Ready

44.1, 48, and 32 kHz sample rates, plus an available Ethernet data channel, gives you all the signals you need for HD Radio™ and Multicasting.

Save Money on STLs - Transport up to Four Stations

2, 4, 6, and 8 channel models transport multiple stations on a single STL frequency, reducing operating costs.

Starlink Accessories Enhance STL Performance

Accessories include a repeater for two-hop systems, RF Power Amplifier for long hops, and Automatic Transfer Switch for redundant systems. Additionally, our Hitless Space Diversity STL receiver reduces multipath and greatly improves performance in difficult over-the-water and high-atmospherics situations.

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